Photocentric LC Opus

Prix réduit€7.550,00


From the inventors of LCD 3D Printing, the Photocentric LC Opus delivers fast, highly accurate prints suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications.

An impressive build volume of 310 x 174 x 220mm (12.2 x 6.9 x 7.9’’). XY resolution of 81µm provides scanned data accuracy of ≥95% at <100µm and ≥70% at <50 µm. Incredibly fast cure speed of 2 seconds per layer at 50µm layer thickness. 

A custom monochrome screen in a unique design supports consistent and reliable high performance. Photocentric’s patented peel release technology ‘Vat-Lift’ ensures reliability over large surface area printing. Robust double-sealed vat construction with practical carry handles and pouring spout.

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