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The AccuFab-L4D’s high fidelity of print result brings extraordinary digital dentistry workflow from intraoral scanning to rapid 3D printing

Link Aoralscan with AccuFab Shining 3D intraoral scanner, 3D printer and dental material ecosystem provides exceptional experience in digital dentistry.

AccuDesign Life-time free upgrade model creator software that comes with AccuFab-L4D

Dental Cloud SHINING 3D’s cloud data platform enables data transmission, making it convenient for data transfer and communication between clinics and dental labs.

Accurate Precise: Over 96% of the surface points fits within ±0.1mm

Outstanding Uniformity: High luminance uniformity achieves up to 90%

Beyond the Limits: Provides not only the possibility to obtain features smaller than a pixel, but also superior surface finish.

Large Print Size, 4K Resolution 192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.

Industrial Grade Optical: High quality optical module with long-life components

State-of-the-Art Robustness: AccuFab-L4D’s 5 million layers tested in real dental clinic condition provides state-of-the-art reliability.

District Cooling System: DCS (District cooling system) maintains the temperature of working screen under 40℃, while extending the 3D printer lifespan significantly.

Shining Dent: Shining Dent covers a wide range of materials for dental 3D printing applications, includes dental model, ortho model, surgical guide, castable wax and gingiva mask.

Certified 3rd Party Material: Shining 3D partners with industry leading brands in dental material, providing more possibility and flexibility.

Plug and Play: Guided interactive operation provides gentle learning curve

Free Updates: Push update of software and material packages

Accuracy Calibration Wizard: Step by step guide for accuracy calibration

Resolution 3840*2400
Pixel Size 0.05 mm
Wavelength 405 nm
Light Intensity >3 mw/cm^2
Print Volume (W x D x H) 192*120*180 mm
Print Speed 10~50 mm/h(*Print speed varies on materials and layer thickness
Print Accuracy* ±0.05 mm
Layer Thickness 0.025/0.05/0.075/0.1 mm
Printer Dimensions 360*360*530 mm
Weight 19 kg
Power Requirements 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 360 W
Connectivity USB dongle, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Packing Dimensions 480*480*660 mm
Packing Weight 25 kg

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